Re-Align With Your Higher Self & Manifest The Life You Imagine For Yourself

In this comprehensive course we look into the energetics behind inner child and shadow-self healing and learn how we can re-align our lives and re-wire our neural pathways to live life from a more intuitive, aligned and trusted place, and manifest the life we want to live.

Chakra System Energetics

Explore The Development Stages Of Your Inner Child


    Based on the framework of the chakra system we will explore the development stages of your inner child (and our actual childhood) to understand where you may need to re-adjust, re-align and integrate parts of you that you have disowned or neglected.


    Shame, guilt, apathy, anger, grief, fear, or pride may have held you back from living your full potential and step into your purpose. With this course I want to inspire you to take a look at where low-level frequencies hold you back from being your full magnificent self.


    I will guide you through an inner journey of reconnecting with the part of you that trusts and knows her/his worth, that lives by her/his own standards, that can tap into her/his power, that wants to show its uniqueness and most of all the part that has unconditional love for self and others.

What's Included?

Work Through The Material in Your Own Time

  • 8 Specific Video lessons

    In these videos I dive into each chakra, its energetics and its relation to the developmental stage. I explore what it truly means to get your needs met and how your environment shapes who you become. I also offer ways to adjust, reframe, or release 'blocked' chakras aka energies in your body. I touch on how other energetic languages and tools such as astrology or human design can help your live in a lore aligned way.

  • 111+ Chakra Specific Journal Prompts

    The Chakra Specific Journal Prompts will help you to explore your own emotions, energetics, frequencies and mental framework in depth. Where do limiting beliefs hold you back? How can you learn to see things from a different perspective? How can you integrate new or different points of you based on your core values?

  • 50 Page Inner Child Workbook

    Take your own inner journey deeper with this workbook created to help you explore your emotional, mental and physical needs. This is a step-by-step guide to reparenting your inner child and healing your shame, anger, and feelings of abandonment. Using written exercises, guided imagery, journaling, drawing, mirror work, and rituals, you can change, integrate and/or release your experience and understanding of past events.

  • Guided Audio Meditations

    Each chakra chapter comes with a guided meditation that will take you on a journey of self discovery. Journal prompts will help you go deeper after each mediation. These meditations aim to help you rewrite emotional (subconscious or unconscious) pain by taking you on an imaginary ride. In some cases they may bring up emotional tension because unconscious layers of negative past experiences are held as energy in our cells. Once we reawaken those experiences/emotions they may bark at us and feel very intense. All the tools offered in this course can help you calm and release those negative emotions. I also advise your to seek help in form of therapy or personal coaching if things get too intense to handle on your own.

  • Sound Healing Meditation

    Sound healing works by activating the parasympathetic nervous system – the opposite of the flight or fight response. It helps you slow down your breath, your heart rate and realigns your brainwaves, putting you into an alpha or theta (dreamlike) state. Each sound healing mediation in this course is based on the frequency of a particular chakra and helps you realign your own chakra base frequencies. Listen with earphones for a deeper experience.

  • Breathwork

    I will guide you through different breathing exercises that help you reduce Stress and Anxiety, especially now that you are working through subconscious layers that can bring up heavy energies from the past, energies that need to be released and/or integrated. I will introduce you to different pranayama techniques that have been utilised by yogis for centuries. Pranayama acts as a bridge between your body and mind and breathing techniques such as Nadi Shoddhana help balance the nervous system, charge the energy body and every chakra evenly and have an empowering effect on the mind. Learn to use your breath as a tool to enhance your life quality. Better breath will also help you improve quality of sleep, enhance cognitive functions and detox our body.

It's time to step into the life you actually want to live

Do your shadow work, realign your core values, reframe your limiting beliefs

Course curriculum

    1. HELLO

    2. Why I created this course


    1. Intro - Sleeping Beauty - What is it all about?

    2. Inner Child E-Book & Workbook

    3. Emphasis

    4. The 7 Chakras

    5. Neuroplasticity - Change Your Mind

    6. Update Your Programming - Create New Neural Pathways

    7. Brainwave Frequencies

    8. Becoming Aware - Intention Setting + Breathing Exercise to Ground Body & Mind incl. Journal Prompts

    1. Chakra 1 - Become Who You Are - The Journey of the Soul

    2. Fear vs Trust

    3. Hypnosis: Guided Mediation - The Becoming

    4. Journal Prompts for your Guided Meditation

    5. Journal Prompts for Chakra 1 That Help You Understand Your Basic Physical Needs to Thrive in this World

    6. First Chakra Sound Healing Meditation - Root Chakra - NOTE C

    7. Root Chakra Affirmation for Stability, Healing and Abundance

    1. Chakra 2 - Innate Worthiness, The Chakra of Duality & Creativity

    2. Hypnosis: Guided Meditation - Emotional Identity

    3. Journal Prompts for Your Guided Meditation

    4. Your Are Worthy - Journal Prompts for Chakra 2 That Help You Understand Your Basic Emotional & Sensual Needs To Thrive in this World

    5. Second Chakra Sound Healing Meditation - Sacral Chakra - NOTE D

    6. Sacral Chakra Affirmations for emotional stability, creativity and trust in your intuition

    1. Lesson - Self Esteem & Chakra 3

    2. Hypnosis: Guided Meditation - Ego Identity

    3. Journal Prompts for Your Guided Meditation

    4. You Are Powerful - Journal Prompts for Chakra 3 - How Can Your Feel More Confident and Reach Your Goals in Life?

    5. Third Chakra Sound Healing Meditation - Solar Plexus Chakra - NOTE E

    6. Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations for Strength, Willpower & Purpose

    1. Lesson - Social Identity & Chakra 4

    2. Hypnosis: Guided Meditation - Social Identity

    3. Journal Prompts for Your Guided Meditation

    4. Fourth Chakra Sound Healing Meditation - Heart Chakra - NOTE F

    5. Heart Chakra Affirmations for Love and Abundance in Relationships

    6. You Are Loved - Journal Prompts for Chakra 4 - Healthy Relationships with Self and Others

About this course

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  • 56 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content